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The Complete Cap Table Management Solution

From the founding of your company to the exit, SmartCap functionality will manage all your rounds of financing and equity. SmartCap features Waterfalls, Option Management, What-if Analysis and more. With SmartCap as your cap table management solution you will always be sure of company ownership and be prepared for any changes in equity. No matter what your needs are, there is a SmartCap solution to fit you and your firm.

Option Management

SmartCap's Option Equity has multiple specific screens that allow you to handle all the details of options; including custom vesting schedules, easy exercise/expire functions, and an option history. With Option Management you can streamline the administrative process of managing your option pool and keep accurate records. You can also store agreements or other legal documents with Option Holders.

Equity Management

SmartCap's Equity Management tracks and calculates real company ownership. SmartCap handles all types of equity; all types of preferred stock, warrants, convertible debt, etc. Each type of equity has detail screens specific to the equity category. With Equity Management you can view all rounds of financing and other equity, see pre/post money valuations, share price, ownership percentage and shares, total investments and more.

Waterfall Calculator

Looking for a detailed exit calculation? SmartCap's comprehensive waterfall tool will complete a thorough exit payout for you. Proceeds are shown on by holder or equity class. The waterfall calculates based on purchase price and other key details such as preferences, seniority of each security, accrued interest, transaction costs, carve outs, debt, etc. Each waterfall has a breakout "Details Sheet" explaining the step by step process.

Waterfall Scenarios

Determine which exit is best for your company by comparing and contrasting different payouts. The scenario builder lets you input up to 10 different increments of exit price.

What-if Calculator

Determine how new investments or changes in equity will affect your company ownership. The What-if Calculator is built to automatically calculate the differences in equity if these events were to take place. Details, such as option refreshes, are handled as part of the what-if calculation.

Ownership Charts

View the breakdown of ownership with our new charts and graphs addition. Ownership is broken down by equity class.

Accrued Interest Calculations

Automatically calculate accrued interest, and in the case of convertible interest, the effect on ownership. Also handles convertible debt calculations.

Document Management

Never lose a document again! Store agreements and other legal documents right in the cap table. Documents can be held under each equity holder and in the equity events.

Multiple Views

View your cap table in a multiple ways. SmartCap is event-driven, which allows you to view the evolution from different points of time. Sorted views by security, by event, or by holder are all instantly available.

Multiple Company Setup

Pro for Investors and SP give your account the ability to setup multiple companies, each with their own official and working versions of cap tables. Give access on an as-need basis.